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If you’re looking for the best welding rods in Australia, shop online with All Welding & Engineering Supplies (AWES) today.

Sourced from Cigweld, WIA and various other top brands, you can be assured that our welding rods are of the highest quality. Boasting stability and unmatched versatility when it comes to different welding positions, our electrodes can be used for a wide variety of projects.

Here are the different types of electrodes that we stock:

  • Bronze electrodes

Cigweld’s bronze electrodes contain 7% tin and are perfect for welding copper and copper alloys.

  • Cast iron electrodes

Graphite-coated cast iron electrodes are perfect for repairing and maintaining cast iron elements.

  • Hardfacing electrodes

This metal-enriched rutile-type electrode is ideal for steel surfaces exposed to metal wear and compressive loading.

  • Mild steel electrodes

General – Stable general purpose electrodes can be used for all welding positions

Iron powder – Medium iron powder electrodes are suitable for low open circuit voltage welding machines

Low hydrogen – Thin coated and perfect for all positional (except vertical down) root pass welding of steel pipes and plates

  • Stainless steel electrodes

Rutile-type electrode designed for positional fillet and butt welding. Used to weld various kinds of stainless steel.

Shop with All Welding & Engineering Supplies

With such high-quality electrodes, you’ll need premium welding equipment to go with it. At AWES, we also offer a range of welding machines and a variety of welding supplies.

This includes:

Due to our long history as Melbourne’s prime distributor, we’ve been able to work with some of the top brands in the welding and engineering industry. Some of the brands that we work with include ESAB, Kemppi, Cigweld, WIA, Binzel, Coregas, and more.

All products are tested and are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

If you have questions about our welding rods, products, or pricing, don’t hesitate to contact us by ringing 1300 255 935. You can also send an email through to info@allwelding.com.au.