Remote Mig Welders

Remote Mig Welders

Remote Mig Welders

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The WeldSkill 350 is a three phase compact power source designed specifically for the handyperson or tradesmen that requires high quality welding performance. This constant voltage power source is rated to 350 amps @ 30% duty cycle and provides excellent arc performance with solid and flux coated welding wires. This unit is suitable for use with either CO2 or mixed gases.

"Delivery Melbourne Metro Only"

Delivery weight: 120 kg

The Warrior welding system pairs the multi-voltage, multi-process Warrior 400i MV with industry-leading components for a complete industrial welding solution. Warrior 400i MV provides 400 amps at 60% duty cycle and automatically adjusts to primary input power with the flexibility to accept from 220 to 460 VAC 3-phase.


Warrior 400i Power Unit

Warrior Feed 304W


10M Connecting Cables


ESAB PSF 405 x 4.5m Mig Torch

"Delivery Melbourne Metro Only & Ring for Special Pricing" 


Delivery weight: 80 kg

The WeldSkill 4 Roll Wirefeeder is specifically designed for use on both the WeldSkill 250 and 350 Compact power sources. The unit can be easily added to either model power source by simply plugging in and selecting remote mode on the power source.


"Delivery Melbourne Metro Only"