Esab Rebel EMP 215iC


Esab Rebel EMP 215iC

Delivery weight: 19 kg

The ESAB Rebel has been in Australia since January 2018 and this welder offers true multi-process arc performance in a rugged, lightweight package, the Rebel is truly a go-anywhere, weld-anything machine for welders of all skill levels.

The ESAB REBEL EMP 215ic Package includes Mig Torch, Arc lead, Earth lead, Regulator and 0.8mm x 5Kg spool of ESAB Aristorod mig welding wire.

What a great package, this unit is ideally suited to small manufacturers, maintenance or site work, and the home users that is looking for a quality product with a 3 year warranty.

When you choose the ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic there are three truths behind every Rebel. They out perform their competitors, they stand up to whatever comes your way in the shop or out in the field, and they make your job easier. You can bet on it. We call it Rebel DNA, and it runs through each and every one of these machines.

TRUTH // HIGH PERFORMANCE. Many machines claim they’re multi-process but are little more than MIG units in disguise. Not Rebel. These are true multi-process welders, which means whether you’re welding MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick – even those tricky 6010 rods – or TIG, these welders perform like they were born to run that process.

TRUTH // UNMATCHED TOUGHNESS. You’re on-site, out in the field, and in the shop. You need a machine that can go where you go and withstand the harsh environments you face. Rebel can. With a sturdy multi-handle roll cage, steel unibody construction, and IP23S-level protection, Rebel’s rugged exterior gives you the confidence to go where you need to go without fear

TRUTH // NEXT-LEVEL TECHNOLOGY. Whether you’ve been welding for two years or 20, Rebel’s exclusive sMIG (smartMIG) technology is sure to impress. For rookies, there’s basic mode, which makes setup a breeze. For veterans, the built-in dynamic arc control constantly monitors your weld and adapts to your technique, providing a smooth, stable arc and superior, repeatable welds.

REBEL EMP 215ic: THE GO-ANYWHERE, WELD-ANYTHING MACHINE. TRUE MULTI-PROCESS. Rebel EMP 215ic has perfected every process, no shortcuts, no compromises, and it will make you a multi-process believer. With the 4.3-inch multi-lingual display, you can easily switch from professional-grade MIG and Flux-Cored to LiftTIG and Stick, including 6010 and 6011 cellulosic and 308L electrodes. Plus, it’s even compatible with a spool gun for welding aluminum. Working in the field? No problem. It runs off a  7.5 kVA (230 V) generator. It’s the machine that started it all by redefining what it means to be multiprocess and ready-to-weld – Rebel EMP 215ic. Choose this Rebel and you’ll get every piece of equipment you need to get going, no matter the process, material, or location. 

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