Cebora Power Plasma 3100

Cebora Power Plasma 3100

Delivery weight: 15 kg

The Cebora Power Plasma 3100 was developed in response to the need to work with a power source that is easy to handle and use, with minimum system requirement and runs off a 240 volt supply. The cebora power plasma 3100 has a cutting capacity of 10mm and a severance cut of 12mm in mild steel, it will run with a compressor as small as 60l/min. at 3.7 bar, has pilot arc operating mode, pilot arc re-start for cutting grid or mesh material. The cebora power plasma 3100 is supplied with a CP40 x 4m plasma torch and is covered by a 2 year warranty.

Why buy a CEBORA Power Plasma 3100

The CEBORA Power Plasma 3100 is one of the Plasma Cutters from the CEBORA range which is recognised worldwide for it’s excellent cutting ability, reliability and cost effectiveness. This particular machine can be used in custom auto shops as well as in the automatic industry to create chassis and frames. It has the recommendation of some of the top industries e.g. B.M.W., Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Mazda, Citroen, Maybach and Smart. It can also be utilised for plasma cutting on large-scale projects as it has the capacity to cut and fabricate huge beams or metal-sheet goods. Additionally, it has an auto re-ignite feature for cutting mesh and, where metal sheets are overlapped, the machine can be adjusted just to cut through one sheet. It has an Input Voltage of 115/230V 50/60Hz with a maximum installed power or 3.2 kW. The duty cycle (10 min-40 degrees C) is at 25A @ 35%. The dimensions are 150mm x 357mm x 382mm and a weight of 13kg makes this plasma cutter is easy to carry around.

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