Portable Mig Welders

Portable Mig Welders

Portable Mig Welders
Inverter style portable mig welders from Esab, Cigweld, Kemppi, and Jasic. Lightweight and portable perfect for mig welding at home or on the jobsite.

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The Weldskill mig 150 is a budget priced portable mig welder suited for the home workshop.
Delivery weight: 20 kg

The Cigweld Transmig 175i is a self contained single phase multi process welding inverter that is capable of performing Mig,

Delivery weight: 23 kg

Esab's world renowned 200 Amp inverter mig welder is a market leader. Compact and user friendly the C200i is the perfect welder for both the novice and professional. Packed with features including Qset technology, the Esab Caddy Mig C200i is hard to beat for any welding application.

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Delivery weight: 16 kg

The Kemppi Minarc Mig EVO 200 adaptive unit has an adaptive control method, you only need to select the material type, then select the thickness of the sheet and press the torch trigger to start welding

Product data sheet
Delivery weight: 13 kg